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Attention Theatre Supporters!

Action is desperately needed from the community. 


The Minnesota State Arts Board (MSAB) is proposing an exclusionary rule change that would have a huge negative impact on organizations like Persistent Theatre Productions. PTP is sponsored through Springboard for the Arts under their 501(c)(3) status. The proposed rule change would exclude organizations like us from MSAB funds, funds that we heavily rely on as a volunteer-run small theatre organization, and eliminate funds from the regional arts councils.

Action to stand up for small organizers in our community: Send and/or email a public comment. The public comment period ends January 29th, this Friday. It's easy! See the e-mail template below, in attention to Sue Gens of the MSAB. 


Here is PTP's official statement.

Thank you for your continued support of making the Twin Cities a true theatre community!



Meggie Greivell, Sarah Wolf , Alex Moeller and Audrey Parry

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